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Foleying Around

experiments in foley-making and being funny

A live, comedic sketch to highlight an oft-unseen part of filmmaking: foley, the reproduction of daily and environmental sound effects. Foley artists use ordinary things – keys, cling wrap, wet rags, celery sticks – to recreate a stunning array of sounds, and we wanted to bring the magic of that process to stage.

Our challenge was two-fold: 1) making people identify a craft typically invisible and 2) making them recognise its context within filmmaking. The final product ended up being a hybrid of drama, physical comedy, foleying and film scoring, all done live to the timings of a pre-recorded video.

In the photos above are some items we ended up using, and they are things that can be found in many households. We thought that if a kid could go home to experiment with similar items, then the show would have been a success.

This work was done in collaboration with Bright Ong, Sharavana Rama, and Shireen Abdullah, and performed as part of Esplanade Flipside Festival 2016.

Last update: 16 Jan 2020