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Jevon Chandra

(b. 1991)
Jevon Chandra is an artist, sound designer, and cultural worker. Drawing inspiration from therapeutic and peer counselling approaches, his art practice estimates the (mis)translations that occur between thought, theory, and praxis, as sometimes seen in acts of caring, meaning-making, and holding faith. As a cultural worker, his time is divided between leading community-oriented activities, crafting outreach programs, and designing booklets for art-going audiences. Part of socially-engaged arts collective Brack, his preoccupations also unfold in the form workshops and public interventions, seeking to outline an ethics of congregation, polytemporality, and other-centredness.

A partial list of previous engagements.

For some other things that I do in different capacities, please visit this page.

To speak, collaborate, or for anything at all, I would love to hear from you.

Full CV available upon request.

Last update: 20 Apr 2020