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Sound Design
Hot Pot Talk: The Measure of a Meal
Sound Design
The Visit

Artist Co-Lead, with Brack
To Gathering: Laying the Table Bare, SIFA 2021
14 – 31 May 2021
Multimedia Design
(un)becoming, T:>Works N.O.W. 2021 Festival
July 2021

Jevon Chandra

b. 1991


Jevon Chandra works with(in) the arts. Across installations and interventions, his interdisciplinary projects estimate the interplays between doubt and belief, particularly in acts of caring, faith, and meaning-making. Through sound and multimedia design, he also provides artistic support in the performing and media arts. He is presently an active member of art collective Brack and performance collective ROOM, and is working on conceiving his practice as a long-term endeavour sustained by collaboration, decency, and rest.

As an artist, his projects have been presented in Singapore Art Week, Fujinoyama Biennale (Japan), Esplanade Flipside Festival (Singapore), Understanding Risk Conference 2019 (Chiang Mai), OXO Tower Wharf (London), and The Substation (Singapore).

As a designer and collaborator in the performing arts, he has worked with directors and choreographers such as Alvin Tan and Sim Yan Ying “YY” for “Who’s There?” (2020), Ang Hui Bin and Melissa Quek for “Plastik” (2020), Alvin Chiam for “La Mariposa Borracha” (2019), and T.H.E. Dance Company artist Anthea Seah for “Quietly We Tread” (2019) and “one of these things is not like the other” (2018).

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Last update: 22 Apr 2021