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Sound Works

links to past sound design / composition works
In my own projects, I often take up the role of sound designer or live musician.

Beyond that, my recent sound-focused collaborations have been with Finding Pictures, an independent animation studio. With them, I have done sound design and composition work for:
1. NGS' Lim Cheng Hoe exhibition,
2. NGS’ Wu Guanzhong exhibition,
3. NGS' Painting with Light 2018 festival trailer,
4. SGIFF 2018 logo opener video,
5. SGIFF 2019 logo opener video,
6. Mr Bean’s 2018 winter solstice ad, and
7. Mr Bean’s 2019 winter solstice ad.

Separately, I have also done sound design work on:
8. “On My Honour” by Victor Gan, a short film by a young local filmmaker.

With movement artists, I have been a live sound designer in two performances with local dance group T.H.E. Second Company:
9.  “one of these things is not like the other” in 2018 and
10.  “Quietly We Tread” in 2019, both choreographed by Anthea Seah.

I also arrange for a cappella, and
11.  My arrangement of Dick Lee's "Home" was recently sung at this year's Singapore Poetry Festival by the Psalmideo Chorale.

Lastly, of my own works, I have a composition made of sounds from construction sites in
12. “Construct”.

Last update: 23 Oct 2020