links to past sound design / composition
I compose and design sound, both pre-recorded and live, in some projects. Below are documentations of some of them.

Information Videos, Trailers, Ads:
NGS' Lim Cheng Hoe Exhibition (2018)
NGS’ Wu Guanzhong Exhibition (2018)
NGS' Painting With Light 2018 Festival Trailer (2018)
SGIFF 2018 Festival Logo Opener
SGIFF 2019 Festival Logo Opener
SGIFF 2020 Festival Logo Opener
Mr Bean’s 2018 Winter Solstice
Mr Bean’s 2019 Winter Solstice

Short Film (Live Action):
“On My Honour” (2019), dir. Victor Gan

Short Film (Animation):
“The Growth” (2019), dir. Sarah Cheok

Dance and Movement:
“one of these things is not like the other” (2018), T.H.E. Second Company
“Quietly We Tread” (2019), T.H.E. Second Company

A Cappella Arrangement:
“Home” by Dick Lee, performed at Singapore Poetry Festival 2019 by the Psalmideo Chorale.

Construct (2013)

Last update: 22 Apr 2021