Across a Small Distance

2 performers, cloth, 4 pulleys, 4 ropes, 4 20kg weights, 1 motion-sensing camera, video projection, postcards, code, 3 FM radio, dimensions variable

Across a Small Distance is a performance about resisting technology’s need for huge impact and far reach, instead focusing on the small, short, and simple. We sent messages to each other. We played badminton in a room.

But while riding the undulations of the pandemic in personal and professional settings, even tiny things and connections with those close to us are difficult. And still, our energies to close those gaps are in short supply.

Even across a small distance, what is distorted across the arc of physical and digital space traversed? What counterweights must we apply to return them to form?

Chew Shaw En

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further notes “A conversation, in the style of badminton”