I make works and support others with theirs. In my projects, I have built installations, designed workshops, and made a book. As support, I can design sound and multimedia, facilitate, and research. I am currently a co-lead of art collective Brack, a Foresight Analyst at the Centre for Strategic Futures (CSF), and recently the inaugural National Gallery Singapore (NGS) Calm Room artist-in-residence. I am altogether form and occupation-agnostic; rather, I am interested in any project that plays with disciplines, responds to sites, and reminds us of bigger selves in moments of loss and crisis.

As lead/co-lead artist, I have exhibited at National Gallery Singapore’s Gallery Children Biennale 2023, Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) (2022), Leipzig International Art Programme (Germany, 2022), Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) (2021), Singapore Art Week (2021), Fujinoyama Biennale (Japan, 2020), Incheon Art Platform (South Korea, 2019), Esplanade Flipside Festival (2019), Understanding Risk Conference 2019 (Chiang Mai), The Substation (2018), and OXO Tower Wharf (London, 2017).

As a collaborator in the performing and media arts, some credits include live sound design for Hi, Can You Hear Me? (2024) by The Necessary Stage; multimedia and sound design for Between 5 Cows and the Deep Blue Sea... (2022) for Esplanade’s Kalaa Utsavam Festival; multimedia design for Songsmith (2023) with singer-songwriter Inch Chua, Kepaten Obor – Igniting a Weathered Torch (2022) for Esplanade’s Pesta Raya Festival, _ Can Change (2021) with The Necessary Stage, and (un)becoming (2021) at T:>Works’ N.O.W. Festival. Other sound design credits include An Impression (2021) with T.H.E. Dance Company, and NO FLASH (2021), an audio-fiction podcast for National Gallery Singapore.

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📖 I published an art book “Ways of Not Seeing: Aphantasia and Its Affiliations”, which explores the condition of aphantasia, a blindness of the mind’s eye (DM to order!)

🍄 I am a core member of Brack, an art collective that creates and writes about socially-engaged art projects

👁️ I was the inaugural National Gallery Singapore (NGS) Calm Room artist-in-residence from 2022 to 2024, where I looked at aphantasia, a rare neurological condition of blindness of the mind’s eye, as both condition and way of knowing

🐉 I had a work, HUTAN, an immersive audiovisual installation, that was part of Gallery Children Biennale 2023 at National Gallery Singapore

Solo Exhibitions, Biennales, Festivals
2023-24 — Gallery Children Biennale 2023, National Gallery Singapore
2023-24 — National Gallery Singapore Calm Room, National Gallery Singapore
2022 — The Faraway Nearby, Art Agenda S.E.A.
2021 — Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA)
2020 — Fujinoyama Biennale 2020, Japan
2019 — Esplanade Flipside Festival ‘19

Select Group Exhibitions and Presentations
2022 — Material Memory, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany
2021 — ON/OFF/SCREEN, Deck, Singapore Art Week
2020 — Associate Artist Programme Showcase, The Substation
2019 — Tomorrow’s Islands, Incheon Arts Platform, South Korea
2019 — Living with Water, Weave Artisan Society, Thailand
2018 — Concerned Citizens Programme, The Substation
2017 — Measuring the Earth, PARADISE AIR, Japan
2017 — Celeste Prize Finalist Exhibition, OXO Tower Wharf, UK

Select Sound Design and Composition
2024 — for “Hi, Can You Hear Me?”, The Necessary Stage
2022 — for “Between 5 Cows and the Deep Blue Sea...”, Esplanade Kalaa Utsavam Festival
2022 — for “{ 心灵山瑞 Turtle Soup }”, dir. Martin Hong
2018-2022 — for SGIFF ‘18-’22 Animated Logos
2021 — for “An Impression” by T.H.E. Dance Company
2021 — for “NO FLASH: Season 1”, National Gallery Singapore
2021 — for “in times like these...”, dir. Chen Yanyun
2021 — for “A Spark of Curiosity”, dir. Jerrold Chong

2021 — for “The Visit”, dir. Morrie Tan
2021 — for “Hot Pot Talk: The Measure of a Meal”, dir. Chong Gua Khee
2020 — for “Watermelon Please”, dir. Lim Jia Ying
2019 — for “Quietly We Tread”, liTHE 2019, T.H.E. Second Company
2015 — for “Foley-ing Around”, Esplanade Flipside Festival ‘15

Select Multimedia Design
2023 — for “Songsmith”, Esplanade Feed Your Imagination Festival
2022 — for “Between 5 Cows and the Deep Blue Sea...”, Esplanade Kalaa Utsavam Festival
2022 — for “Kepaten Obor”, Esplanade Pesta Raya Festival
2021 — for “___ Can Change”, The Necessary Stage
2021 — for “(un)becoming”, T:>Works N.O.W. Festival 2021
2020 — for “Who’s There?”, New Ohio Ice Factory Festival