Between 5 Cows and the Deep Blue Sea...


Theatre; 90 minutes
for Esplanade Kalaa Utsavam Festival 2022, dir. Alvin Tan, A Yagnya

Role: Multimedia Designer, Sound Designer, Composer

Caught between traditional Indian arranged marriage and modern dating, Girl is made an unwilling participant of a bizarre game show. She is thrown around the space by Man, who morphs into everything from a Bollywood star, to a questionable fortune teller, to even Girl's Mother who has bought into The Patriarchy™ and thinks her daughter will never find happiness without getting married.

Between 5 Cows and the Deep Blue Sea...follows Girl as she struggles to come to terms with her identity, and battles with societal expectations heaped upon her. Where will this internal tug of war take her?


An Interview with Playwright/Director A Yagnya on ‘Between 5 Cows and the Deep Blue Sea’

The Straits Times, “Theatre review: Between 5 Cows And The Deep Blue Sea follows Indian girl’s self-acceptance journey”

Performers: Indumathi Tamilselvan & Kewal Kartik
Playwright & Co-director: A Yagnya
Co-director & Dramaturg (Script): Alvin Tan
Producer: Michele Lim
Production & Costume Design: Max Tan
Multimedia & Sound Designer: Jevon Chandra
Set & Props Designer: Chan Silei (Prop-erly)
Lighting Designer: Faith Liu Yong Huay