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(Letters from the Past)

forgettable words, mutable meanings
Dedications (Letters from the Past) is inspired by the mutability of words and instability of their meanings. It is an invitation to dwell on an ever-shifting present, wherein words and language evolve depending on context, and with repeated use. Beginning with the word “love”, the installation cycles through a chain of similar-looking words, but yet encounters terms of wildly different definitions in the process. Owing to the artist’s birthplace of Indonesia, the installation also reflects the artist’s weakening grasp of Bahasa Indonesia, a nod to the words he was once familiar with.

For words influence us; and beyond the confines of our memory or expression, they have lives of their own. Language goes on an adventure and is an adventure, voyaging alongside us in our own quests for meaning.

Enginnering support: Jonas Chandra

This work will be exhibited as part of Read! Fest 2019, organised by the National Library Board of Singapore.

Last update: 20 Apr 2020