Kepaten Obor – Igniting a Weathered Torch


Theatre; 90 minutes
for Esplanade Pesta Raya Festival 2022, dir. Adib Kosnan

Role: Multimedia Designer

Lives laid parallel in a cosmic intertwining of fates, interrupted only by the tragedies of life.

When she first found her voice at a young age, she always wondered where it came from. She embarked on a journey to seek lineage, to make meaning of a gift passed from one generation to another despite the obstacles that littered her path. Commissioned by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Kepaten Obor is a multi-disciplinary one-woman performance by Suhaili Safari, featuring a heartfelt monologue intertwined with dancing, singing and original music compositions, supported live by musicians Danial Ahmad and Isyraf of sl_owtalk.

An original script based on Suhaili’s own story, Kepaten Obor is a reflection of the ties that binds grandparents and their grandchildren, an unspoken energy that cannot be severed come what may.

Kepaten Obor is directed by Adib Kosnan and co-written by Agnes Christina and Suhaili Safari.


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Co-writers – Suhaili Safari, Agnes Christina
Director – Adib Kosnan
Performer – Suhaili Safari
Dramaturg – Charlene Rajendran
Choreographer – Norisham Osman
Live musicians – Danial Ahmad, Isyraf
Scenographer and Light Designer –Emanorwatty Saleh
Multimedia and Key Visual Designer – Jevon Chandra
Costume Designer – Agnes Christina
Producer – Saiful Amri
Stage Manager –  Lili Muslihah
Assistant Stage Manager – Irdina Qistina
Surtitlist – Amirul Abdullah