Light Gets In


Participants, HD Video with 2-channel sound, 3 split-flap displays (laser-cut acrylic, servo motor, die-cut PVC flaps, arduino and code), images printed on transparencies, dimensions variable.

Can something so large and so near be unseen?


First developed in 2020 for an exhibition at the foot of Mount Fuji, “Light Gets In” thinks through the looming mountain as a metaphor for largeness and distance. Created amidst travel restrictions, the work is scored as a relay of 3 prompts across 2 countries:

1) for residents in Japan – to write or dialogue with the artist on their acquaintanceship with Mount Fuji, alongside a photo of the mountain (visible or otherwise) from where they are,

2) for myself and local friend-participants – to go on field trips to try seeing Mount Fuji from Singapore, and

3) make a composite image of the Singapore landscape alongside the images received from Japan, while facing Mount Fuji 5000 kilometres away.

Gathered alongsides are pictures, sentiments and moments that surfaced during the field trips, traces of this exercise of attempting to face, look, and traverse untraversable distance: of bringing the mountain from Japan to Singapore.

Exhibited in:
Fujinoyama Biennale 2020, Japan
ON/OFF/SCREEN, Deck, Singapore

Project website: (Eng) (Jap)