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Measuring the Earth

getting from here to there
Measuring the Earth is a work about distance, and traversal. First conceptualised in Matsudo City, Japan, the work takes the form of a group exercise in which participants trek from a location to another, a distant place which seems impossibly far, without a map. It is an exercise in reading the landscape, attending to collective consciousness, while charting a path towards a moving target. During the journey, participants also hold on to a token representing something, or someone, they wish they can be closer to – perhaps the ability to whistle, a fond memory, an old lover.

At its core, then, Measuring the Earth is about getting from here to there; wherever here is, and wherever there may be.

This work was first conceptualised in PARADISE AIR Short Stay Residency, Matsudo, Japan.

Last update: 6 Mar 2021
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