Songs of Companionship

the (in)eloquence of togetherness

Songs of Companionship is an audiovisual installation about loving and communicating love. It is a reflection on the relationships, dependencies, and engagements with those dear to us—the emotions certain and tentative, gestures given and withheld, and gambles won and lost. How do we speak to the ones we love, and how do we speak of love? What will tomorrow bring, and who will be around?

Within the work are objects trying to “speak”, to express something, in one form or another. Among them are tunes composed and recorded by the artist, hidden within the folds of radio broadcast. The songs lie in wait, mingling with neighbouring frequencies. As they emerge from the static, they clumsily share their confessions to a crowd of strangers, and all the words come falling out.

Enginnering support: Jonas Chandra
Animation assistant: Janel Ang

First exhibited: Esplanade Flipside Festival 2019.

Last update: 14 Nov 2021