Ways of Not Seeing: Aphantasia and Its Affiliations


Art book

"Ways of Not Seeing: Aphantasia and Its Affiliations" is an art book exploring a little-known condition called “aphantasia”, a condition colloquially described as a “blindness of the mind’s eye”. For most of the world, thinking of loved ones, places, and memories brings up corresponding images in the mind. But aphants can never do so; their mind is a visual void. The art book includes text and image contributions from the artist (who is an aphant) and five collaborators, who each respond to the bewildering condition from their respective practices across access work, therapy, poetry, and more. Instead of “ways of seeing,” what if we reflect on our “ways of not seeing”? What results from the simple flip?

Created with the support of Calm Room Creative Residency, National Gallery Singapore

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