for your eyes only

private wishes, public expressions

for your eyes only is an interactive installation on the expression of private aspirations in public spaces.
The installation spans across two spaces. In one area, visitors respond to a prompt, "I wish I could...", in private, within a tent set-up in a public space. In the other area, anonymised responses are projected at random; however, these projections are legible only when 1 person or less is present in its vicinity, and will distort should a crowd gather.

The work was spurred, in part, by questions of collectivity, legibility, and authenticity. For example, how are group pressures impinged upon us even in the cradle (or myth?) of privacy? What can we approximate from the thoughts lost in translation and transmission? How much do we self-censor, even from ourselves?

Most of all, there was a simple desire to nudge for honesty in public spaces, and to remember that within seemingly homogenous crowds lie individuals, each bearing histories and vulnerabilities visible, even if incomprehensible, only to themselves.

Collaborators: Janel Ang, Sherlyn Goh
Last update: 5 July 2019